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What is electric field in simple language?|Electric field क्या है?|What is intensity of electric field?|

Concept of electric field:) The space surrounding an electric charge q in which another q` experiences a electrostatic force of attraction or repulsion is called the electric field of the charge q. The charge q is called the source charge and the charge q` is called the test charge. Intensity of electric field:) E(vector) = F(vector)/q` The unit of force is newton and the unit of charge is coloumb. So , the unit is N/C. FORCE (F) IS A VECTOR QUANTITY AND CHARGE q`  IS A SCALAR QUANTITY. HENCE,ELECTRIC FIELD INTENSITY E(VECTOR ) WILL ALSO BE A VECTOR QUANTITY AND ITS DIRECTION WILL BE SAME AS THE DIRECTION OF FORCE F (VECTOR). THANK YOU TEAM = FUTUREMAKER999 SHARE YOUR REACTION IN COMMENT SECTION.....